How to do Off Page Optimization in SEO

Off Page Optimization is the hardest thing to do in SEO, unlike On Page Optimization which I discuss in my previous article you have the control in everything on your page but in Off Page Optimization you’re not. Off Page Optimization means building authority of your blog through your backlinks, these include Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Media, Bookmarking, Press Releases and many more. Google divided the backlinks in two parts the good backlinks and bad backlinks. Bad backlinks refer to any spammy backlinks that you’ve made in order to trick some web users and to pass juice back to your blog, it can also lead your blog to drop down in the Google ranking. As you read this article you are able to know the different techniques in doing the right Off Page Optimization on your blog.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to have a strong backlink to your blog way back in the year 2013 and below. It is also the best way to gain credibility as a blogger and authority to your blog. But if you are still using guest posting to gain dofollow backlink in 2014 you should stop it, because Google started to treat this as a kind of spammy practice.

Many bloggers still continuing this kind of practice to drive only a traffic without passing the link juice on the other site which is OK. To start guest posting you must check first whether the site having a huge amount of traffic per day which is very important. Also, you must do guest posting only on every site that is related to your topics to avoid getting high bounce rate. If you are linking your blog do not forget to use nofollow attribute.

Blog Commenting

This is type getting a backlink to your Co blogger blog. This is also one of the hardest parts of getting backlink, it’s because you will need to read the post of other people in order for you to give quality comments on their article. Dropping a quality comment is the main reason why the admin allows your comment to appear on their blog. So the best way to get backlink through blog commenting is by participating in discussion, adding some value to the article and by answering questions of other people, that is the simplest things you must know about blog commenting.

Social Media

Using the Social Media is the best way to promote our blog, most of the people is spending their time on Social Media, so it’s the best place to promote a blog. One thing that most webmasters observe is that all articles that has more likes, shares, tweets and have more +1 in Google plus have a good effect in ranking a site in Google Search Engine. This means Social Media is not only where to promote our blog, but it has also room in Google ranking.

Bookmarking Site

This is one way to promote your article, although many bookmarking sites are nofollow it can still help to generate huge traffic to your blog. Having a huge follower in a bookmarking site like Pinterest and Stumbleupon is one technique in getting traffic to them. Keep it mind that the key to have huge followers is by providing them a great article to read and great images for Pinterest.

Forum Profile Signature

If you want to generate traffic through forum site, try to include your blog in your signature and try to make an interesting post and quality comment to have a huge impression of your signature. As my observation, commenting on a fresh post on the forum really helps to generate traffic through my signature. The easiest way to avoid being banned or be in spam list is to read the policy of the forum, this thing is a must.

Press Release

Like guest posting, press release is also one way to build a strong backlink and to reach new visitors. News blog has a great advantage to generate more traffic through press release and the stunning title of your article is a way to catch the attention of more people.


Off Page Optimization is more on driving traffic to your blog. Google has a lot of updates that might remove the passing of juice near in the future. So it is better to do On Page Optimization specially making a quality article on your blog if you want to rank your articles in the search engine.

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