Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Link in SEO: For Blogger

Understanding the Dofollow and Nofollow links is important in building a blog. There are two reasons why I say it is important, one because it may lead your blog to rank more in Google search engine and two it may lead your blog to drop down its ranking in Google search engine.

Dofollow and Nofollow Link

Dofollow link is a type of link that can pass page rank or reputation of a website back to the destination of link while Nofollow link is not. For example, you have a link of another website on your article or on your blog’s template; if you don’t set the link to Nofollow then you are passing your page rank or reputation to a page you are pointing. According to Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Webspam team) unnatural Dofollow link on your blog like advertiser links and links to your widgets can affect your ranking in Google and also the site that you are pointing to. If you are not aware of having many Dofollow links on your site I’m sure you have a tough road in earning a reputation or making your site rank better in Google search engine.

Minimize Dofollow Link on your comment box

One of the major problems of a blogger is maintaining their website comments free from spammers. Maybe you encounter some people who commenting on your website including their homepage URL. This is a common thing in spamming a blog, but, as a blog owner we can minimize this one. Below are simple things to minimize spamming your blog through commenting.

  • Setting the Comment Moderation in your blogger dashboard to Always. This thing will allow us to review the comment before it will appear on our site.
  • You may also set the Who can comment to the Registered User to minimize dummy account to use in commenting on your website.
  • Google also include a system to avoid spamming your blog it is the CAPTCHAs. It requires people who are commenting on your website to complete the word verification before the comment will be sent. You may set this CAPTCHAs ON by setting the Show word verification to Yes.

Below is the image of the complete setting on your blogger dashboard.

Comment Setting in Blogger Dashboard.

How to use Nofollow Link

All links on a blog is set to Dofollow as a default attribute unless the owner did something to make it change. Linking your blog to a Dofollow site will not guarantee that it will help your site rank better in Google search engine. Sometimes your link on another site will lead to a bad backlink that make your site rank drop down. So it is better to use Nofollow link if your purpose is to drive traffic only. Below are the list on how you can set a link to Nofollow.

  • You can set a link to Nofollow by adding rel=”nofollow” attribute in the url. An example of having rel=”nofollow” attribute in a certain link; <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>website</a>. By doing this you’re telling Googlebot not to follow the page or not to pass your page reputation to a certain website.
  • You can also add <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” /> meta tag in the head of your template. If you do this you’re telling Googlebot not pass your rank in all links on your whole page.
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