Google Adsense Account Easy Approval Guide for Blogger

In previous years the approval of Google Adsense account for a blogger is just a piece of cake, but today, getting this kind of account needs a lot of hard work before you can have it. As a blogger our first main goal is to have this kind of account, it’s also one of the reasons why we should work more on our blog.

Most bloggers leave their passion on blogging because of failing in getting Adsense account. I don’t have any words to say about there action, because we know that Google Adsense is the highest paying Ad network. But, if you have a determination and perseverance to become a successful blogger you will not take this thing as a major problem on your part. Take note there is a lot of advertising company out there that can give a fair amount on a certain impression or click on the ads, so it’s not a reason to leave blogging just because you didn’t get a Google Adsense account.

Actually, when I get my Google Adsense Account I didn’t use any trick just to have it. I didn’t use the YouTube trick just like other blogger is saying that it is the easiest way to have a Google Adsense account. Maybe Google allows it in previous years, but many bloggers are saying that YouTube trick now is dead. I’ve decided to read some articles on Google website, and I found out what they want on every blog, so I just implemented it to my blog. I also ask some webmasters if what is the best thing to do before applying for a Google Adsense and I saw almost the same answer.

Asian Country Should Not Wait for the Six Months

Google says Asian country like China, India and Philippines needs to wait 6 months before they can apply for a Google Adsense account. Google Adsense implemented this because many countries in Asia are abusing the Adsense form to apply using eligible blog like movie blog that totally against their Adsense policy. It is also implemented to insure that every blog that is using Adsense is quality.

If you are in this country you don’t need to wait six months before you can apply to Adsense. I tell you, the number of months (six months) is for all the blogs who are not using a custom domain only. I apply my blogger blog for Adsense even though it’s only 1 month and 13 days old.

Use Simple Template

Google really wants a simple template on every blog so that your visitors can easily understand the interface and all other elements like menus and social media profiles on your blog. I suggest to use two columns of a template just like what I used, as you observe it looks simpler than 3 column template. I suggest also to include some useful widgets on your site like popular post.

Avoid changing your template if you already sent your application for Google Adsense. I don’t know the reason behind this, maybe a Googlebot or a person who is checking our blog think that our blog is under construction. That’s what I think, but, many blogger observed that this is one reason why their application is rejected. So it is important to finalize your template before applying your blog for Google Adsense.

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Choose Only One Topic

There are many new blogs I visited that has a lot of topics and when they try to apply it to Google Adsense it’s always rejected and the reason is Insufficient Content even though it has a lot of quality articles. If you are facing the same problem, try to read the full details of Google sent to your email address, it’s been said that they rejected your application because they can’t determine yet what your blog all about. So I conclude that the cause of Insufficient Content is having different topics on our blog. Maybe you are wondering why my blog has a technology articles. Actually, before I apply for a Google Adsense account my niche is only for technology and when I already have an Adsense account I decided to put some articles about blogging to share my knowledge about blog topics.

Create Quality Articles

Google doesn’t say how many articles you need to create before applying for a Google Adsense account. There are many bloggers I know that their application was approved even though they have only 5 articles on their website. Actually, I apply to Adsense when I’ve already 15 unique articles on my website having 300-400 words each. Quality article means creating content that can help your readers, regardless the number of words you used in the article. But sometimes number of words can be a factor in determining the quality of the article; you used a lot of sentences to explain your topic well. Don’t waste your time to use some application on the web that can spin an article. Google is very smart to determine whether your article is original or not.

Custom Domain Name

Actually, Google Adsense really cares about Custom Domain, you have a high possibility that your application will approve if you have your own domain. Custom domain also needs if you are blogger from Asian country. In my first main point I talk about the six months where you can apply for a Google Adsense account if your blog is already six months old. Actually, if you are using blogger platform but you are already using a custom domain on your blog, you don’t need to wait the Adsense button on your blogger dashboard to become available, just go directly to their website and fill up the form. Six months is only for those bloggers from Asia that are not using custom domain. Note: if you have no custom domain and you try to fill up the form for the Adsense account on their website it will ask you to use the button on your blogger dashboard to apply.

Important Pages

Before you apply your blog for Google Adsense it’s strongly recommended to create first some important pages on your blog, these include Contact Us, Sitemap, About Us and Privacy Policy. You may use a website tool to generate your Privacy Policy page. In my experience before I apply my site for a Google Adsense account I created these important pages first on my site because I know it’s one thing that Google is checking.

Traffic Doesn’t Matter

I’ve read some articles on different blogs about applying for Google Adsense that Google is approving only a site having a stable number of visitors. Many bloggers insists that we must have at least 100 unique visitors per day. But I tell you this is not true, many bloggers even I had only 20 unique visitors per day from social media when we apply our blog for Google Adsense.

Avoid Blank Link on Elements

If you are new blogger, you might encounter blank links in your template like social profiles, menu elements, footer elements and many more. This is one reason why a blog always rejecting by Google Adsense. If you have some blank link on your blog Google think that it is not fully done yet that’s why they will say that your blog is insufficient content.

Social Media Profiles

We all know that best way to drive traffic is by using the social media. That’s one reason why many webmasters believed that Google Adsense also checking if you have social media profiles on your website. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are the important social media that you should have a profile. Nowadays social media is not only to drive traffic to your site, but it also has a ranking signal on SEO, so it’s recommended to have an account or page on this important social media sites.

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Avoid Copyrighted Materials

Before you apply your site for Adsense make it sure you don’t violate their policies and guidelines. One of their policies is using Copyrighted materials. This refers to any materials you used in your site, like images, video and music. There’s a lot of websites offering free download of their vector images, you may edit and used it on your site. It is a way of avoiding in using Copyrighted materials. For more info about their Policies and Guidelines you may visit this page.

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