How to Add Advertise Here Banner HTML Code

Hi folks, today I will teach you how to make a simple Advertise Here Banner to your website. I know a lot of blogger wants to have Advertise Here Banner to their site so that their visitors will know that there is still available ads space to advertise. Good design of Advertise Here Banner will not matter in getting advertisers to advertise on your blog. It is only a way of pointing to where you put your advertiser ad if possible they will decide to advertise for your site. The only thing that they want to see is the number of visitors you have per day. So it’s advisable to provide a screenshot of your Google Analytics and the graph of your Google Search Queries on your Google Webmaster Tools.

There are many tutorials on Google that teaches on how to put Advertise Here Banner on a site. But, some of the tutorials are using images that actually sometimes can affect the loading time on our site and the worst thing the banner ads are failing to load on browsers. This scenario is totally a hell thing on our part, we thought our Advertise Here Banner is fully loaded on every browser of visitor on our site. Maybe it will load if the visitor is having fast internet connection but how about the visitor having slow internet connection?

These Advertise Here Banner is only made through html codes that can load faster on your browser. You can customize this also by changing its background and text color, text size and also its total height and width

Advertise Here Banner

Adding Advertise Here Banner to Blogger blog

For blogger:  Just go to your Dashboard->>Layout->>Add a Gadget->>Javascript/HTML->> paste the codes.

<div style=”width:728px; height:90px; overflow: hidden; background:#fff4b4; line-height: 80px;text-align: center; font-size:35px“><a href=”“>Advertise Here</a></div>

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The red color: If you want to add an Advertise Here Banner on your sidebar you just need to change its width and height. Also, don’t forget to change its line-height that is set to 80px in the above codes. The line-height attribute is used to move the text up and down.

The orange color: If you want to change the background color of the Advertise Here Banner just change this hex value.

The blue color: This color refers to the size of the text “Advertise Here”, just change this value if you want the make the text bigger or smaller.

The violet color: Just replace this code with your own Advertise Here page.

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