How to Start and Make Money through Blogging

Making money through blogging is a step by step and easy procedure. But it is necessary to monetize and then establish a blog to start earning money. There is a lot of content in this article on how to start a blog and how to make money through it.

Let us define first what blogging is. Blogging is an act of posting of your own ideas on the web through your blog. It is also a way to interact or to share your knowledge to all people that is using the internet. Many blogger defines blogging as making money through this passion.

If you are interested to earn lots of money through blogging then you should read first the details below that can help you to start a blog.

Blogger or WordPress

There are two common platforms that most bloggers are using. It is the Google blogger and WordPress platform. But what is the difference between these two? Blogger is owned by Google and all you need to do is to sign-up with your Google account to start making blogger site. It’s controlled and fully maintained by Google. But in WordPress it is open source, you are the one who needs to maintain it (spam protection and security of your site).

Blogger already offers a domain ( but you can also use a custom domain if you have one, while in WordPress you must need first to register a domain name that cost almost $11 per year. Google blogger also allows bloggers to use 1GB as storage on their blog, you may also use Google plus to add some space. While in WordPress you need first to to have domain hosting account to host your site to start blogging and earn money.

In terms of customization of template both Blogger and WorPress is allowing you to customize it. WordPress has a lot of plugins that can help you to make your site more beautiful by just installing it while in Google blogger that needs manual coding. In terms of implementing your ads, Google blogger allows you to monetize your site for advertising, but in WordPress you need first to have a hosting account before you can monetize your site.

Blog Setup

Always get a good domain name that matches your niche. It is good also to buy a cheap and reliable web hosting solution if you choose WordPress. Set up a Google blogger or WordPress. Create your blog posts, pages and add some images to your blog. You can upload and post images to your blog from your desktop with the help of Blogger or WordPress.

Necessary Traits of Successful Bloggers

There are some necessities for a successful blogger- hard work, incredible passions, consistency and creativity. To become a successful blogger, you should work as a self-starter, do some research and read articles about blog and SEO topics.

Ways to Set Your Success with Successful Blog

Pick a big name to your blog that suits your blog posts. These big names may be federally trademarked. Choose the right blog platform as mentioned earlier Google blogger or WordPress. Engage yourself to community of bloggers, there are many forum sites for webmasters out there. You can ask your queries in that forum and you will get answers from different bloggers.

Tips for Writing Top-Notch Content

One of the major hindrance in blogging is underestimating yourself. Always keep in your mind that you are unique, and you have talents that other peoples don’t have. Write unique content do not copy to another website. Always research and check the other’s blog and write only necessary and reliable information. Always be confident and be engaged with other people by commenting on their blog.

Readers want a real blog with unique content. Be honest in your blog. Write your content with grammar perfection. Frequent and silly mistakes should avoid. Blunt grammar errors are irritating. Always proofread your blog before posting. Blog paragraph should not be massive and multiple fonts should not use. Always use some subheading and include some images to your post and upgrade your content time to time. Always use some keywords in prominent places in your blog and brainstorm the keywords for each blog post that makes your blog attractive.

Make Money in Different Ways

You can make money through different advertising network like Google Adsense that is the highest paying advertising networks owned by Google. Google Adsense also the reason why many people are starting to make a blog. You can also try some advertising network like Bidvertiser, Adversal, Infolinks and Chitika. These advertising networks also know as Google Adsense alternatives. If you established already a good site having many visitors per day, then you should try to offer direct advertiser to some individuals.

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Big Words

Have a vision that you and your blog will be successful, it will help you to strive more. Don’t lose hope, and always work hard. If you made some mistakes you should celebrate because you learn something from your mistakes.

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