How to Protect Your Blogger Gmail Account Against Hackers

Hacking is a vital issue on the internet these days and even in the previous years. So Google started a campaign on August 25, 2014 called #NoHacked, this campaign encouraging all bloggers to be aware of hacking activity and encouraging other webmaster to share some tips on how to prevent this type of activity. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube and some sites teaching people on how to hack. So learning hacking now a day is easy for those people who wants to learn it. We can’t expect that hacker will target our email account so we must do something to prevent it.

Avoiding Phishing Activities

One type of hacking that most newbie hacker is using is Phishing. This type will trick individual to put their own email username and password to specific text field on the site page. Other hacker is making a fake login page for some social media site like Facebook to trick someone who they targeted. So you must be aware if some element on a site or some people asking you to put your email user name and password.

Multiple Email Account

Another way of securing your Blogger Gmail account is by creating another email account to be used in signing on a site that is not really important. I know as a blogger we tend to sign up to a different site on the internet like forums to participate and contribute to a specific topic. By using a dummy email account, we can minimize the chance that our Blogger email account might hack in the future.

Using 2-Step Verification

This is the most important thing to consider in securing our email account. 2-Step Verification is another layer of security for Gmail account. It will allow you to enter the verification code that Google send to you Via SMS, Voice call or mobile app before you can access your email account. It will ask the code only if you try to open your Gmail on another personal computer or devices. To setup 2-Step Verification just go to this

Use Strong Password

A good number of characters in password are 8 or more it because it needs more time to get the password if someone tries to crack it. Using capital letter and symbols also make your password stronger, like if you try to make a password iwillrun try to tweak it to i/Will/Run. Avoid also using your name and birth date as your password because it is easy to guess.

Checking Suspicious Login

It is advisable to regularly check if someone or suspicious location has recently opened your email account. To check it just visit this page make it sure that there is no malicious places and devices has opened your account.

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