How to Setup Feedburner for Blogger

As a blogger we always want to update our loyal visitors if we published a new post on our blog. This is one way of carrying an audience on a particular blog. We can do this thing by doing Content Syndication. This means we are pushing our new post to another site that can notify our loyal visitors through their email address. By doing this we are able to help our visitors to read our new post and to drive traffic to our blog. FeedBurner is the top free online tool that can do Content Syndication. Feedburner is a tool that most bloggers are using for content syndication.

Feedburner is a Chicago-based company and it was founded in the year 2003, Google acquires the company in 2007 for $100 million. This gives Google one more tool to help individual and company in the email marketing industry.

In order to receive your audience an email having the link of your new post they must subscribe first to your RSS feed. RSS or Really Simple Syndication will show the recent articles that you’ve posted on your blog in one page only. In this page I will teach you on how you can setup your Feedburner feed.

Creating Feedburner Feed for Blogger

Step 1
The first thing you will do is to visit the Feedburner site and login using your Google account.

Step 2
You will be directed to Feedburner homepage. In the text field area just put your website homepage link.

Entering your own website to start Feedburner
Step 3
You will be directed to a new page. Just choose an Atom feed as shown below and click Next.

Choosing the type of RSS feed

Step 4
On the next page it will ask you to put your preferred Feed Title and Feed Address. It’s better to use your blog title as your Feed Title. After that, just click Next.

Entering an RSS Feed Title and Feed Address

Step 5
Your Feedburner feed now is alive. Again, click Next to proceed to the next step. On the next page you can choose some options, if you’re done choosing just click Next.

Feedburner Configuration

In this step we must maximize using all features of Feedburner. On your Feedburner feed dashboard you will see a tab at top that include the following; Analyze, Optimize, Publicize and Troubleshootize.

1. Click on Optimize tab and go to SmartFeed and Activate it.
2.  On the same tab, go to FeedFlare and choose the features you want to include under each of your feed post. This feature allows subscribers to easily share your feed on another site such as Facebook and Stumbleupon.
3. Also Summary Burner should be activated. This feature allows you to put only a short number of characters on your feeds so that your visitors will visit the main page on your site to read the full post.

4. Go to Publicize tab and activate Email Subscriptions. This feature allows you to get a free code for subscription box that you can put in your blog widget after you activate it.

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5. If you want also to automatically post your new article to a social media site just go to Socialize and provide all the details then click Activate.
6. Activate PingShot. It allows your Feedburner feed to notify search engines that you update or you created a new post on your blog.

I just specify all services that I think it can be very helpful for all bloggers, you may choose other services that you think it will fit with what you needs.

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