Reasons of Not Making Enough Money with Google Adsense

A lot of bloggers for sure is experiencing earnings on their Google Adsense that less than on their expectation. This kind of frustration is common for all bloggers who are using Google Adsense out there. There are many reasons why you are not making enough money with your Adsense. So, on this article you will able to know the following mistakes that you should avoid on your website.

Not Implementing Adsense Ads on Mobile Template

This is a common mistake of some bloggers by not implementing their ads on the mobile version of their website. Now a day most of visitors will likely use their mobile device in visiting a website. So try to optimize your mobile template and put a responsive Adsense code on it will probably give you a high chance of getting revenue.

Poor Template Design

A lot of websites out there is generating more traffic despite of their poor template design. This is what the quality articles can do; however, using a poor template design has a huge impact in generating ad revenue. Having a well-designed template can also help your visitors to easily navigate your website.

Wrong Ad Placement

Placement of ads is one of the important things to consider if you want to earn more money with your Google Adsense. Placing your ads where your visitors have a chance to easily see or to click your ads, like placing your ads inside the body of your article has a great chance to generate revenue. Using a recommended size of Adsense ads is also a must.

Too Many Ads on a Single Page

A website having too much ads will sometimes look like spam site that can lead your visitors leaving your website immediately. So if you don’t want to have a high bounce rate try to avoid this kind of practice. Having too many ads on a single page can also distract readers in reading your articles. Limiting your ads to one or two per page is the best practice.

Not Experimenting with Google Adsense Ads

Sometimes the design of your Adsense ads will matter in generating revenue. If you didn’t ever try to change the background, link and text color of your ads, then this is the best time to try it. You will discover something if you try to experiment, so try to play with your ads.

Low CPC Keywords

This is one of the reasons why most of blogger failed to generate more income on their Google Adsense. Google already provides a tool to check whether a keyword has a high CPC rates; it is the keywords planner tool. Just keep in mind that the higher the CPC the higher paying per click.

Not Getting Enough Traffic

We all know that in order to make money with Google Adsense needs a lot of traffic. So try to promote your website, you can promote through social media, forum and many other ways. Don’t forget that the best way to generate more visitors and to earn more revenue is the organic traffic. It’s because when a visitor landed on your site through the Search Engine the Google Adsense will display ads related to the keywords used by your visitors.

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