The Importance of Responsive Template

Browsing the internet using mobile devices is growing as the statistics is saying. With this, we can say that in the near future mobile devices will take over the internet surfing. Because of the increasing number of searchers that is using mobile devices the importance of a responsive design of a website template is now a must. This means every webmasters or website owners are now required to make their website template responsive as the leading search engine (Google) said.

What is a Responsive Template?

Responsive template is the ability of your website to adapt to different screen size of mobile devices without changing the proportion of the elements of your site and maintaining the readable text, or changing the layout of your website template according to a mobile device width.

In short, it is the ability of your website to maintain a good user experience from desktop to mobile device. Making your website template responsive will not only for a better experience of your visitors, but there are other more important reasons.

Factor in Search Engine Ranking

Google has done in telling the world the importance of a responsive design of a website for a better SEO effect. On their site they say that starting on April 21st, 2015 the mobile friendly will become a factor for mobile search result. Before the announcing of the new algorithm Google is already pushed different kind of things like mobile friendly labels on mobile search results, mobile friendly testing tools and mobile usability features on webmaster tool. This means webmasters are aware that this new algorithm will be push.

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Can Increase Revenue

For sure a lot of mobile searchers are trying to see if a website is a mobile friendly. And now that mobile search result already had a mobile friendly label it is now easier for the mobile searchers to find a mobile friendly site. Imagine your ads revenue if there is no one likes to visit your site because of not having responsive template. Probably your ads revenue is not the only one will be affected, but also the engagement or conversion rate of your visitors.

Better User Experience

Providing your visitors a good experience in reading your articles and navigating your website through their mobile device is one of the reasons why your mobile visitors keeps coming back to your site aside from content is king. In other words providing a good user experience is a way of carrying and maintaining loyal visitors of your site.

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