How to Embed Tweets in Blogger Blog Posts

Social media sites really changed the blogosphere, they are sending a tremendous amount of traffic to our blogs that’s why most bloggers are focus on the field of social media marketing. One of the three biggest social media sites is twitter, it is the fastest among them, a lot of bloggers also using twitter to communicate with their Co blogger and because of 140 character limit on every messages it keeps interaction of users productive. Twitter can also be a research tool where you can ask your followers what their insight for a particular point you’re making and by gathering data to them.

In creating a blog post, sometimes we need to add some stuff to add credibility to our post like when pointing to someone tweets. We can embed the tweet directly to our blog post instead of taking only a screenshot of it. Embedding tweets directly on our blog posts is already made simple including tweets having media like video and photos, real-time retweet and favorite counts are also included. Our readers are also able to follow the author, retweet and reply directly to the embedded tweets on our blog post.

The only disadvantage of embedding tweets on our blog post is when the original tweet is deleted the embedded tweet will not be loaded. Despite of this disadvantage the effects of embedding tweets to our post will not outweigh. So, on this page I will show you how to embed tweets directly to your Blogger blog post.

Embedding Tweets to Blogger Blog Post

1. Login to your Twitter account.
1. Select the tweet you want to embed on your blog post.
2. Click the … More icon from the set of options within the tweet.

moz blog tweets

3. A dialog box will appear, If the tweet includes media you can uncheck the Include media to hide the photo or video.

Embed this tweet

4. Copy the provided codes.

After copying the code we can now embed the tweet on our blog post. Go to Blogger Dashboard ->> New Post ->> go to the HTML tab and paste the codes you copied earlier to where you want the tweet would appear.

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