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Google told us before that they want their entire products to be in HTTPS version. It seems that it is happening now a day because even Blogger blog now is having an extra setting to switch from being HTTP to HTTPS, although the current version of it is not supported Blogger blog with custom domain name. Like on how we secure our Gmail account this kind of settings should also be used of all bloggers out there who cares about their blog's security. HTTPS  is also helpful to all bloggers who cares about On-Page SEO since Google introduced the HTTPS as new ranking signal.

There is a thread on Blogger Help Forum that talks about the HTTPS on Blogger, I encourage you to post any error you are facing there so that Google Blogger can update it since the current HTTPS version is not final and still able to create some error on your blog like mixed content error.


HTTPS is a secure type of HTTP or HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL. By using the HTTPS we are encrypting the data between the connection of the server and user. It means it is harder for hacker to steal and change the data that Blogger server sent to our visitors and redirect our visitors to a malicious site. By using HTTPS we are also boosting the rank of our blog in Google search engine, this new ranking factor affecting less than 1% of Global queries.

You may use the HTTPS feature in Blogger for free for all your blogspot blogs. So when you’re planning to create an eCommerce site providing some kind of transaction you can now secure it for free using Blogger.

How to Enable HTTPS in Blogger

You know now what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the current HTTPS on Blogger. It’s up to you if you want to use it, just follow the simple steps below if you want to enable it on your Blogger blog.

Note: The current HTTPS setting is not available to all blogs having a custom domain name.

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard
2. Click on Settings
3. After that, Click Basic
4. Just change the “HTTPS Availability ” to “Yes”

Changes in settings will automatically save. After that if you access your blog you can now see a green lock in the URL bar on your browser. Although you implemented HTTPS on your blog, your visitor can still access it through HTTP which is not secured.

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