Why Namecheap is the Best Domain Name Registrar

So, you might have had your share of looking into various domain registrars in order to register your domain. If you are interested in web development, then you may have noticed that you require a domain name so as to register your website. Now, there are various domain registrars that are famous over the Internet, and the populous prefer to make use of different domain registrars. However, as with any comparison and agenda of products, it is important for you to understand the very best of domain registrars at this given moment. There is none other than Namecheap. However, just like any skeptic, why would you believe whatever is written in this article? Well, let’s have a look at some of the features as to why Namecheap trumps over its competitors.

1. The pricing factor of Namecheap is a standard one, and when coupled with the various coupon codes and discount offers, it is relatively cheap when compared to all the other domain registrars. Moreover, you can get Domain Whois Privacy Free for a whole year, which is definitely something that is excellent for a service of this nature. Most of the domains are below $10, thereby making it a very cheap purchase for you.

2. The support system, which is otherwise known as the customer support is one of the best when it comes to domain management and the purchase of new domains. Yes, the support people actually know what they want to say, and have a good grasp on the technical aspects and are also friendly at the same moment. You might be an experienced domain registrar or an amateur, the customer support would be helpful to you in either cases.

3. They have one of the best no-frills interface and excellent management system that you can find when it comes to domain registrars. By having a look at Hostgator and GoDaddy, you would come to the conclusion that there are a lot of things which you may not have any use for. However, Namecheap makes sure that with its clean interface, you will be able to take care of all your management of domains without any possible problems or issues.

4. In the entirety of Namecheap and its registration process, there is absolutely no upsell. Well, just have a look at its nearest popular competitor, GoDaddy and you would be bombarded with offers of hosting as well as all the other aspects of a typical domain upsell that you can find in the market. Yes, you might be interested in purchasing a domain name, but then with a whole lot of things going on before you could actually end up purchasing the product; this is not something that you would want for yourself. Namecheap does not have any such features.

5. Excellent discount options at regular frequency ensure that you can actually have a wonderful time purchasing in bulk as well as in single count. Your domain purchasing power will not be diminished at any moment.

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