How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

If you are willing to create your own website or blog and rank them within a smaller or longer period of time, it is very important for you to plan everything in advance. After all, you would not want to jump into a pool that is already flooded with a lot of competitors; rather, you would like to go to swimming pool that is free from any kind of troubles, and has very few people in it. So, this like the swimming pool, even search engine optimization will need to be done to our blog in order to make it rank effectively within a short period of time.

However, without the appropriate preplanning, advancing blindly is only going to create problems for you. Who knows, you might be competing for a keyword that is ultracompetitive, and has a lot of good webpages that are extremely strong in its content. So, you would never be able to break into the top three, so you need to go away from it. Rather, you need to learn how to find low competition long tail keywords that can help you to monetize your blog.

There are several methods that enable you to find low competition longtail keywords:  A look into this free tool, also known as would be enriching for you. This is a website that can throw suggestions of keywords after accumulating the search from websites like, Wikipedia, Amazon YouTube and Google Suggest. So, what you do need to do is to head over to the website, and enter a broad keyword into the search field. After doing so, Soovle will be automatically displaying the suggested results from the various websites.

Soovle sample page

You have the option of downloading the keyword suggestions in a CSV file. To do so, you need to click the download icon which is located in the top left corner in the webpage. This is a wonderful tool, completely free, and it provides you with various low competition keywords which most of your competitors would overlook. Just like Soovle, is a website that has been dedicated to grabbing the information from Google Suggest. However, what is different in this from Soovle? Well, it is the fact that there are a lot more keyword suggestions that you shall find in this tool than Soovle. So, how does it do so? Well, it takes the main keyword that you have typed into the search box, and keeps adding a letter in the alphabet, so that it will be able to generate hundreds of keywords that can work wonders for you. The tool scrapes all the data for you, making sure that you do not have to manually enter each and every alphabet.

UberSuggest sample page

Google Trends: One of the most helpful and wonderful keyword suggestion tools for low competition keywords that you can find in the market is Google trends. Well, this tool can actually show you all the high volume keywords, and you can easily find the competition for them. This way, you will be able to check out the popularity of the keyword, and also find the different kinds of competitiveness that is to be found in that particular keyword. So, what you need to do? First you need to head over to the website, and enter the keyword that you need or want to rank for. After that, the tool will be able to show you an interest against the time ratio, which will depend upon the headlines of the news as well as the search volume.

Google trends

After you go through the results, you can find out for yourself the search volumes, as well as the kind of interest displayed by the people. This can help you to get a lot of high-ranking low competition longtail keywords in this agenda. However, it is always important for you to see the related searches, so as to deter mine the lucrative nature of that keyword.


: Well, Google is the obvious choice for you to select longtail low competition keywords. However, the method is not simply by entering the keyword, but rather looking into the bottom of the search result, and finding a tab which mentions “searches related to?” If you go for a glance at that particular result, you’re going to come across a variety of gems that can help you to rank your website for a particular keyword with the help of only longtail keywords in that website. It is always good for you to target an article with longtail keywords and see the kind of results that it will be able to put forth for your website. Usually, you want to get a close variation and a mix of various categories that you would want in your website. There are various searches that can enable you to make the best out of the situation of your search result.

Google keywords

Sometimes, there are even short tail keywords that you could possibly target, and you will be able to get on top of the competition within no time. However, those are extremely rare, so cherish the moment that you actually find something of that sort. Yes, in between a lot of variations of body keywords and extremely longtail keywords, it is important for you to come to a conjunction and find out the appropriate keyword that should be good enough for you and your website/blog.

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