7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018 has been a year of great technological innovations, many of which will have a huge impact on the way of doing digital marketing in the coming years. We are entering an exciting era, where robotization and the internet of things are going to set the path for the sellers to walk: voice search, visual search, fast content or social shopping are just some of the most promising news We find among digital marketing trends 2019.

Needless to say, the rise of the smartphone condition, to a greater or lesser extent, much of the marketing trends for next year, so it is not necessary to say that our entire strategy must be focused on mobile , starting from premises such as  mobile first

Do you already know what trends will break the market this 2019? Here we explain some, as many as the 7 trends in marketing for 2019 that will surely help you to focus the panorama in your company or in your professional development. Grab them well because a year goes by flying.

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

  1. Fast Content: The dizzying escalation of the mobile phone to become the main Internet access mode affects, much, the way in which the user makes queries and consumes content. In the war for the click are triumphing short contents for instant consumption. Faced with the reality that the consumption of content occurs in several devices at once, mobile being the preferred, an attractive and fast content tends to capture the user’s attention more easily. Fast content is presented as one of the most important trends in digital marketing 2019. It takes a good dose of creativity and synthesis to retain an audience increasingly difficult to captivate, which moves at great speed and devours content. Attractive and fast content promotes the presence of brand and the CTR (Click Through Rate).Stories: It’s time for the stories! After Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook integrated the stories to their functions. Little by little Google is also integrating them among their search results … It seems that we will come across them more and more.
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): from its birth towards the end of 2015, this Google project to optimize the loading time of mobile pages has been gaining importance. We know that Mobile First is a growing trend, so Google will continue to reward AMP results over traditional ones. Among the main advantages, this technology allows saving data, battery and also favors SEO .
  3. Influence Marketing: According to Forbes, by the end of 2018 it is expected that 30% of internet users have an ad blocker active in their browsers. In contrast, people tend to trust more in a person who refers a product or service than in an advertisement, so influence marketing is still a very attractive option.
  4. Contextual marketing: the next step to content marketing is context marketing. Although the context has always been important, new technologies allow us to analyze it with greater precision. Present timely information, at the right time and to the customer with similar tastes, is more than ever, a way to optimize online marketing strategies to the maximum.
  5. Social Shopping: the option of buying online through social networks has gained strength in recent years, thanks to new spaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. This integration, between social networks and eCommerce, will offer more and more options.
  6. Mobile eCommerce: since the use of mobile phones to navigate the Internet is increasing, this has an effect on the fact that online sales are also increasingly made by smartphone. In this way, an eCommerce must be designed to work correctly on these devices. Square audiovisual content, easy-to-use interfaces, fast loading times, are some of the features that should be taken into account.

Here you have these super 7 marketing trends for 2019 applicable in all aspects of digital marketing. The purchases, the mobile, the stories and the online marketing itself are gaining strength. If you have any questions, you can always contact our super writing team.

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