The importance of the segmentation of your Email Marketing

Segmentation is one of the most important tasks in Email Marketing. Segmentation allows, among other advantages, to personalize the content. So you can give content oriented according to certain criteria to your subscribers, which increases the effectiveness of Email Marketing campaigns.

Advantages of segmenting a database

As I was saying, segmenting a list of subscribers has many advantages. Basically because you can create groups of people using different parameters which allow you to better know your audience and therefore create and send better content in your campaigns.

Avoid falling into SPAM

Spam is something that nobody wants. Even you must hate yourself when you receive emails wanting to sell something you do not need or even worse when you did not show interest in the product or service, but still they keep sending you the same offer.

Segmenting you can create groups of people according to the characteristics of the campaign, whether they clicked or not, where they come from, you can also segment by interests, among other segmentations that I will also be explaining later in the article.

This makes content contributions that people want to receive, which significantly reduces the chances of your emails falling into the SPAM tray or that subscribers unsubscribe from your list.

Increase conversions

Numerous studies conclude that segmentation increases the effectiveness of a campaign by 50% and this is because you are giving content strategically and only to people who show interest or may show interest in a certain type of content.

In the beginning you will carry out more general and simple segmentations. For example, the origin of the conversion, sex, language, then segmented more specifically, analyzing the data you got from previous campaigns, such as clickthrough rates, responses to emails, interest in a particular content, among others.

Improve the relationship with your subscribers

As you send campaigns to the different segments, you will know the interests of the subscribers and therefore you will be able to know what content they are interested in receiving, what products or services are attractive to them, among other benefits for your Email Marketing strategy.

This will inevitably improve the perception on the part of the people that are part of your list for you, your products and ultimately your personal brand.

This is important, as a blogger and digital entrepreneur you are interested in generating long-term relationships. Loyalty to your audience ensures you can have a healthy list, in which you can offer alternative products and also have people who will recommend your products, something important in the launch of a new product or service, for example.

You optimize your time

The fact of correctly segmenting your campaigns will inevitably bring you a saving of time and resources, since you can initiate automation processes that will save you a lot of work when it comes to managing your list of subscribers.

If you do not make segmentations, in addition to the results of the campaigns would not be optimal, you would have to deal with all the disadvantages of not doing it, such as, for example, low on your list, reports of spam, high expenses in plans with many monthly shipments and more inconveniences.

Ways to segment a subscriber list

Once we have seen the main advantages of your email marketing strategy to segment your subscribers, we will see what forms there are to make that segmentation.

The idea that I have is to show you some of the most common segmentations that can be useful for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to segment a list. The use of one or the other depends on the type of content you offer your audience and therefore your products or services. Email marketing software have filters to segment lists.

The interesting thing about this is that you can segment based on different parameters, selecting one or more of them and in this way creating custom lists with these created segments.

Usually you usually use this type of tools when you work with the metrics that you get from the campaigns or when you can use the pixels that the tool gives you to monitor the behavior of subscribers on your website or other sites. Otherwise, segmentations are done manually.

By level of knowledge

As a blogger you will have an audience with different levels of knowledge, especially if your business has to do with training.

It is interesting that you perform this type of segmentation to be able to offer contents according to the stage of knowledge in which the subscriber is, since a novice subscriber can feel overwhelmed with an advanced type of content and feel that you have nothing to offer him.

Keep in mind this type of segmentation, because one of the most common causes of abandoning lists, is the fact that the subscriber thinks that the content you offer is not appropriate for their level of knowledge.

By behavior

Segment by behavior is one of the most used ways and that better benefits contributes to your Email Marketing strategy, because it is possible to use the data you get from the campaigns to improve the results of them.

Let’s see it with an example. Suppose you want to launch a new product or service.

Given that case, you could choose to create a chain of 3 emails where you put the subscribers in a situation and then offer the product.

Segmenting you can separate people who did not open the first email, as a sign that they are not interested and you could also separate the people who have bought the product and those who have opened the emails, but have not purchased, a sign that you can create a personalized offer for them.

To perform this type of segmentation you need to be creative to use the parameters of your Email Marketing tool and combine them to achieve good results, but it is something you can master over time.

By age and sex

It is one of the classic segmentations in marketing, since, if you have a product destined to a certain age range or to a certain sex, it is necessary that you segment in this way to offer the correct product to each person.

If you have several products or services and some of them are for men and another for women, it is a segmentation that suits you.

For example, this would be very useful for a fashion blogger, which advises people both male and female, it is clear that everyone will be interested in different clothes and accessories, so you can not send the offer of a product or service Designed for women to men. Necessarily you must segment your subscribers.

By language

It is a necessary segmentation especially if you work with products or services in several languages. This type of segmentation is usually done from the moment of registration, either through an option in a form or because you have the version of your website or landing page in a certain language.

It is necessary because by doing this you can make sure that the subscribers understand what you are sending them, since, if you have English and Spanish subscribers and you send a general mail in English, then you run the risk that many people will be removed from your list or even Mark your emails as spam.

By geographical location

The digital entrepreneur has an activity that when using the internet as a base is international, which makes it possible to have clients from all over the world.

You may be interested in focusing on customers from that country, but it may be interesting to work with this type of segmentation if you have customers from different locations or your products are not linked to a single country.

Geographic segmentation is often used in the tourism sector, keep this in mind especially if you are a travel blogger, because you can offer discounts or offers for people from certain geographical locations, you know, travel packages, promotions, etc.

For birthday dates

You could segment by birthdays and send a special promotion for this occasion to people who are older on that date.

It is a good way to connect with your subscribers, because you are linking an emotional message, such as a greeting for a special date for anyone, their birthday, with an attractive offer.

Although it is usually a tactic widely used by online stores, it is totally valid for digital entrepreneurs.

By lead magnet

It is very common that bloggers have several leads magnets in their blogs and if you do not have them, you are already late! Because they are one of the best tools to attract subscribers.

The interesting thing about this is that you can create several leads magnets and each of them assign a list. This way you will know that these subscribers come from a certain lead magnet of your website and therefore they are interested in a certain product, service or subject.

Suppose you offer advice and management of social networks and in your blog give a free guide on how to get followers on Instagram.

For this you have a landing page where you offer the download in exchange for the email, in that case you could offer your subscribers from that list your advisory services or a product related to Instagram, because you know they are interested in that network.

By interests

This is another way of segmenting that works best, because if you can detect the interests of your subscribers you can create personalized segments and send content and offers knowing that those people showed interest at some time for what you offer.

This also works very well to offer related products, that is, suppose you sell a course to learn to be a Community Manager, you can create a list with the people who have done the course and then offer them a product or advanced course on Facebook ADS or advertising in Social networks because you know that a Community Manager would be interested in improving their skills with Facebook advertising.

By frequency of shipment

This segmentation is usually done from the first moment that is to say from the moment of subscription, asking in the form the frequency in which you want to receive emails.

Although it is also true that it can be done later doing some type of survey to analyze the preferences of your subscribers and thus not overwhelm with emails those who may prefer a different shipping frequency.

Segmenting this way will increase the results of your campaigns because you can better determine the frequency of submission and therefore they will be more interested in your content and will prevent you from unsubscribing from your list.

By conversion source

This type of segmentation is quite broad and it is about grouping your subscribers according to the source of conversion.

For example, if you have participated in an event and offer to download an ebook in exchange for the email, you will know that those people who have downloaded the ebook will be interested in content related to the chat.

By survey results

It is one of the most direct and simplest ways to segment a list, because you will be asking your subscribers directly and you will know what really interests them.

Keep in mind that short surveys tend to work better than long ones and if you do a long survey give an incentive is necessary to get answers.

Surveys not only serve to obtain accurate data to segment, but also increase the results of your campaigns because it makes you see that you are active as a blogger and that you are interested in the likes and preferences of your followers.

VIP lists

Another interesting option is to choose a segment, where you include people who are true to your brand, that is, they have bought your products and services or they promote and interact with you a lot.

This way you include them in a list where you launch gifts or exclusive products for these subscribers, being a way to thank the trust and loyalty to these subscribers.

Segment is to take care of your Email Marketing

Beyond that the segmentation improves the conversions, the certain thing is that what you obtain when segmenting your list of subscribers is to improve the relation with your subscribers and to have a list more ordered and profitable in the long term that if you did not do, besides the saving of time and money this means.

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