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blogging strategy

You may have worked exceptionally hard in trying to bring out a blog post that can not only accentuate the content of your blog, but make it stand out. Yes, your blog post may have a lot of information, something that is not to be found in any other blog of your competitor. Typically, this would end up becoming one of the best posts that you may have made, and this would become a regular frequency if only you would be able to garner praise and admiration for these types of posts.

However, there are certain things that you need to do after you publish a blog post. Let’s have a look at some of them;

Read Your Work

Always read the content over and over again, and make sure that you can edit anything that does not go with the flow of the article. Yes, people are more than happy to point out your flaws; make sure that you do not provide a chance for negative backlash to fall upon an article you might have spent a lot of time working on. Go through the article, and make sure that there are no sentences that could be misinterpreted, or for that fact the article does not have any fluff in it. Reduce the word count in case you feel it does not flow with the article.

Socialize Your Blog Post

Engage social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to help fan out this article. This way, you will be able to reach out to a lot of targeted people that are more than interested to read the new article. You would be able to brand your website, and also make sure that you will be able to take the best possible benefits of going through the post. It is both important as well as efficient for you to share and understand the benefits that you could possibly get when you engage social media.

Ping Your Blog

Always set up pings to be done automatically to your content. If you do so, then the search engines will be able to capture the content of your website very easily, and it will be able to feature on the search engines within a very short period of time. This way, you will be able to reach out to the people in case of SERP increase, and quality content and the good name of your blog will start flowing.

Build Links

Start linking to the other blogs so that you can get backlinks which would also be important in search engine rankings. By linking old pages in your blog along with linking to some other blog of a similar niche, you will be able to gain a backlink, and also extract some link juice from that link. We know this could be a dangerous task, but when we do it properly this could be helpful in boosting our rankings.

Embedded Namecheap
So, you might have had your share of looking into various domain registrars in order to register your domain. If you are interested in web development, then you may have noticed that you require a domain name so as to register your website. Now, there are various domain registrars that are famous over the Internet, and the populous prefer to make use of different domain registrars. However, as with any comparison and agenda of products, it is important for you to understand the very best of domain registrars at this given moment. There is none other than Namecheap. However, just like any skeptic, why would you believe whatever is written in this article? Well, let’s have a look at some of the features as to why Namecheap trumps over its competitors.

Bubble Blog

Aside from the fact that you are an aspiring blogger, you might not have anything going for you. Well, take the plunge, and purchase a domain name. However, be aware that the domain name should reflect the content of your blog. After that, select a content management system or CMS. Preference should be given to something that is easy to handle, for example Wordpress or Blogger (like this blog). Now, you are ready to create the perfect blog for your visitors. However, as a newbie, it is a difficult task for you to create the perfect blog from the word GO. Below mentioned are some of the steps that you can take to ensure that your blog gets due recognition within a short span of time.

Notes and Laptop

Why should you want to take blogging? Is it some means for you to make money? Is it a passion for you, or for the fact that you would like to share information with people from all across the world? Well, you would be surprised with the attention that you can get if you have a successful blog. There is something really passionate about having a blog, it cannot only help you to keep yourself identified with your niche audience, but also helps you to give to the society the immense amount of knowledge that you may have gathered in the years of walking in this earth.

Blogger Blog Secured

Google told us before that they want their entire products to be in HTTPS version. It seems that it is happening now a day because even Blogger blog now is having an extra setting to switch from being HTTP to HTTPS, although the current version of it is not supported Blogger blog with custom domain name. Like on how we secure our Gmail account this kind of settings should also be used of all bloggers out there who cares about their blog's security. HTTPS  is also helpful to all bloggers who cares about On-Page SEO since Google introduced the HTTPS as new ranking signal.

There is a thread on Blogger Help Forum that talks about the HTTPS on Blogger, I encourage you to post any error you are facing there so that Google Blogger can update it since the current HTTPS version is not final and still able to create some error on your blog like mixed content error.


HTTPS is a secure type of HTTP or HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL. By using the HTTPS we are encrypting the data between the connection of the server and user. It means it is harder for hacker to steal and change the data that Blogger server sent to our visitors and redirect our visitors to a malicious site. By using HTTPS we are also boosting the rank of our blog in Google search engine, this new ranking factor affecting less than 1% of Global queries.

You may use the HTTPS feature in Blogger for free for all your blogspot blogs. So when you’re planning to create an eCommerce site providing some kind of transaction you can now secure it for free using Blogger.

How to Enable HTTPS in Blogger

You know now what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the current HTTPS on Blogger. It’s up to you if you want to use it, just follow the simple steps below if you want to enable it on your Blogger blog.

Note: The current HTTPS setting is not available to all blogs having a custom domain name.

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard
2. Click on Settings
3. After that, Click Basic
4. Just change the “HTTPS Availability ” to “Yes”

Changes in settings will automatically save. After that if you access your blog you can now see a green lock in the URL bar on your browser. Although you implemented HTTPS on your blog, your visitor can still access it through HTTP which is not secured.

Social media sites really changed the blogosphere, they are sending a tremendous amount of traffic to our blogs that’s why most bloggers are focus on the field of social media marketing. One of the three biggest social media sites is twitter, it is the fastest among them, a lot of bloggers also using twitter to communicate with their Co blogger and because of 140 character limit on every messages it keeps interaction of users productive. Twitter can also be a research tool where you can ask your followers what their insight for a particular point you’re making and by gathering data to them.

Blogger Auto Pagination

Google Blogger allows you to set the number of posts appear on your homepage. Just go to Blogger dashboard->>Layout->> and Click the edit button on the Blog Posts box. After that you will see the interface that allows you to set a number of posts on main page.

Did your blog automatically reduce the total number of posts appearing on your homepage? If yes, then you are experiencing Blogger Auto Pagination. This is one of the bad things happening on our blog, because we don’t know that our blog already experiencing auto pagination unless we will check its homepage. This kind of problem will affect our reader engagement and this is not a good way to present our homepage to them. It can also decrease pageviews of our blog and sure it will look unprofessional.

Google Adsense

In previous years the approval of Google Adsense account for a blogger is just a piece of cake, but today, getting this kind of account needs a lot of hard work before you can have it. As a blogger our first main goal is to have this kind of account, it's also one of the reasons why we should work more on our blog.

Most bloggers leave their passion on blogging because of failing in getting Adsense account. I don't have any words to say about there action, because we know that Google Adsense is the highest paying Ad network. But, if you have a determination and perseverance to become a successful blogger you will not take this thing as a major problem on your part. Take note there is a lot of advertising company out there that can give a fair amount on a certain impression or click on the ads, so it's not a reason to leave blogging just because you didn’t get a Google Adsense account.

Google RSS Feedburner logos
As a blogger we always want to update our loyal visitors if we published a new post on our blog. This is one way of carrying an audience on a particular blog. We can do this thing by doing Content Syndication. This means we are pushing our new post to another site that can notify our loyal visitors through their email address. By doing this we are able to help our visitors to read our new post and to drive traffic to our blog. FeedBurner is the top free online tool that can do Content Syndication. Feedburner is a tool that most bloggers are using for content syndication.

Google Adsense failed
A lot of bloggers for sure is experiencing earnings on their Google Adsense that less than on their expectation. This kind of frustration is common for all bloggers who are using Google Adsense out there. There are many reasons why you are not making enough money with your Adsense. So, on this article you will able to know the following mistakes that you should avoid on your website.

Not Implementing Adsense Ads on Mobile Template

This is a common mistake of some bloggers by not implementing their ads on the mobile version of their website. Now a day most of visitors will likely use their mobile device in visiting a website. So try to optimize your mobile template and put a responsive Adsense code on it will probably give you a high chance of getting revenue.

blog security
Hacking is a vital issue on the internet these days and even in the previous years. So Google started a campaign on August 25, 2014 called #NoHacked, this campaign encouraging all bloggers to be aware of hacking activity and encouraging other webmaster to share some tips on how to prevent this type of activity. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube and some sites teaching people on how to hack. So learning hacking now a day is easy for those people who wants to learn it. We can’t expect that hacker will target our email account so we must do something to prevent it.

Avoiding Phishing Activities

One type of hacking that most newbie hacker is using is Phishing. This type will trick individual to put their own email username and password to specific text field on the site page. Other hacker is making a fake login page for some social media site like Facebook to trick someone who they targeted. So you must be aware if some element on a site or some people asking you to put your email user name and password.

Multiple Email Account

Another way of securing your Blogger Gmail account is by creating another email account to be used in signing on a site that is not really important. I know as a blogger we tend to sign up to a different site on the internet like forums to participate and contribute to a specific topic. By using a dummy email account, we can minimize the chance that our Blogger email account might hack in the future.

Using 2-Step Verification

This is the most important thing to consider in securing our email account. 2-Step Verification is another layer of security for Gmail account. It will allow you to enter the verification code that Google send to you Via SMS, Voice call or mobile app before you can access your email account. It will ask the code only if you try to open your Gmail on another personal computer or devices. To setup 2-Step Verification just go to this

Use Strong Password

A good number of characters in password are 8 or more it because it needs more time to get the password if someone tries to crack it. Using capital letter and symbols also make your password stronger, like if you try to make a password iwillrun try to tweak it to i/Will/Run. Avoid also using your name and birth date as your password because it is easy to guess.

Checking Suspicious Login

It is advisable to regularly check if someone or suspicious location has recently opened your email account. To check it just visit this page make it sure that there is no malicious places and devices has opened your account.

Blog keys on computer keyboard

Making money through blogging is a step by step and easy procedure. But it is necessary to monetize and then establish a blog to start earning money. There is a lot of content in this article on how to start a blog and how to make money through it.

Let us define first what blogging is. Blogging is an act of posting of your own ideas on the web through your blog. It is also a way to interact or to share your knowledge to all people that is using the internet. Many blogger defines blogging as making money through this passion.

If you are interested to earn lots of money through blogging then you should read first the details below that can help you to start a blog.

Blogger or WordPress

There are two common platforms that most bloggers are using. It is the Google blogger and WordPress platform. But what is the difference between these two? Blogger is owned by Google and all you need to do is to sign-up with your Google account to start making blogger site. It's controlled and fully maintained by Google. But in WordPress it is open source, you are the one who needs to maintain it (spam protection and security of your site).

Blogger already offers a domain ( but you can also use a custom domain if you have one, while in WordPress you must need first to register a domain name that cost almost $11 per year. Google blogger also allows bloggers to use 1GB as storage on their blog, you may also use Google plus to add some space. While in WordPress you need first to to have domain hosting account to host your site to start blogging and earn money.

In terms of customization of template both Blogger and WorPress is allowing you to customize it. WordPress has a lot of plugins that can help you to make your site more beautiful by just installing it while in Google blogger that needs manual coding. In terms of implementing your ads, Google blogger allows you to monetize your site for advertising, but in WordPress you need first to have a hosting account before you can monetize your site.

Blog Setup

Always get a good domain name that matches your niche. It is good also to buy a cheap and reliable web hosting solution if you choose WordPress. Set up a Google blogger or WordPress. Create your blog posts, pages and add some images to your blog. You can upload and post images to your blog from your desktop with the help of Blogger or Wordpress.

Necessary Traits of Successful Bloggers

There are some necessities for a successful blogger- hard work, incredible passions, consistency and creativity. To become a successful blogger, you should work as a self-starter, do some research and read articles about blog and SEO topics.

Ways to Set Your Success with Successful Blog

Pick a big name to your blog that suits your blog posts. These big names may be federally trademarked. Choose the right blog platform as mentioned earlier Google blogger or WordPress. Engage yourself to community of bloggers, there are many forum sites for webmasters out there. You can ask your queries in that forum and you will get answers from different bloggers.

Tips for Writing Top-Notch Content

One of the major hindrance in blogging is underestimating yourself. Always keep in your mind that you are unique, and you have talents that other peoples don’t have. Write unique content do not copy to another website. Always research and check the other’s blog and write only necessary and reliable information. Always be confident and be engaged with other people by commenting on their blog.

Readers want a real blog with unique content. Be honest in your blog. Write your content with grammar perfection. Frequent and silly mistakes should avoid. Blunt grammar errors are irritating. Always proofread your blog before posting. Blog paragraph should not be massive and multiple fonts should not use. Always use some subheading and include some images to your post and upgrade your content time to time. Always use some keywords in prominent places in your blog and brainstorm the keywords for each blog post that makes your blog attractive.

Make Money in Different Ways

You can make money through different advertising network like Google Adsense that is the highest paying advertising networks owned by Google. Google Adsense also the reason why many people are starting to make a blog. You can also try some advertising network like Bidvertiser, Adversal, Infolinks and Chitika. These advertising networks also know as Google Adsense alternatives. If you established already a good site having many visitors per day, then you should try to offer direct advertiser to some individuals.

You may also read: Google Adsense Account Easy Approval Guide

Big Words

Have a vision that you and your blog will be successful, it will help you to strive more. Don't lose hope, and always work hard. If you made some mistakes you should celebrate because you learn something from your mistakes.